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AGAGO: Hundreds displaced by suspected Karamojong warriors

FILE PHOTO: Karamoja is awash with guns among warriors.

Agago, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | More than 700 residents of Omiya Pachwa sub-county have pitched camp at the sub-county headquarters following attacks by suspected Karamojong warriors.

James Opira, the LCIII Chairperson Omiya Pachwa sub-county says that the attacks have affected 250 people from the Anyagai, Coodong North, Lojim A, and Lojim B villages.

Opira said the residents leave their homes every evening to sleep in Omiya Pachwa Primary School and Kaciciro trading center where they can be protected by soldiers.

Opira fears that the displacement might affect farming, as residents spend more time running for their safety, instead of preparing their land.

Ben Okidi, a resident of Kaciro Central, Lojim Parish, says that many people have been displaced and have sought refuge at his home. Okidi estimates that there are more than 450 people displaced in Omiya Pachwa Center.

Morris Ocana, the LCV Vice Chairperson Agago District revealed that together with the 5th Division, they have devised strategies to counter the Karamojong attacks.

Ocana said they have opened a 28-kilometer access road from Kuriat in Paimol sub-county to Dam Longor to ease the movement of the UPDF while pursuing the cattle rustlers.

Emmanuel Okot, the Resident District Commissioner Agago said they have set up measures to prevent the attacks. They include restricting residents travel at night and increasing the deployment of security personnel.

Okot added that with the support of the community, they have opened a security road from Labwordwong to Kuriat, Dam Longor, and set up barracks to counter the Karamojong warriors.

He added that they plan to open another security road from Odom to Orom sub county in Kitgum district, which will further ease the movement of the security to pursue the warriors.

Last month, five UPDF soldiers were killed and four guns were taken by the suspected Karamojong from Paimol and Omiya Pachwa sub-counties. Two civilians have also been injured and three houses burnt in Adilang sub county.

In 2022, at least 24 people were killed by suspected Karamojong and 938 animals were raided and never recovered.



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