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3 Simple Steps On How To Join SBA’s Cashback Club

What is SBA’s Cash Back Club?

The Cash Back Club offers SBA’s online users the opportunity to earn free bets when they play. The more you play, the bigger the free bet! That means that every Monday you could find a free bet worth 40,000 UGX in your wallet! Alternatively, stake just 10,000 UGX during the week to receive a free bet worth 500 UGX the following Monday.

Every week you’ll get a new opportunity to earn a free bet. It all depends on how often you choose to play before Sunday and how much you stake. The size of the free bet depends on how you want to play -you’re in complete control!

It’s quick and easy to join the Cash Back Club and, best of all, it’s completely free!

Do you want extra rewards when you bet online? Then you might want to join SBA’s Cash Back Club to receive free bets on top of your winnings!

Follow these 3 steps to Join the Cash Back Club


1. Go to our Promotions Page and Select the ‘Cash Back Club’ offer

2.Select the OPT-IN button in the ‘Cash Back Club’ Page

3.Once confirmed, select ‘OK’ and begin betting

Why is now the time to join the Cash Back Club?

With lots of exciting sports action to come this December, there’s no better time than now to join the Cash Back Club. There will be six full rounds of Premier League fixtures during the month, as well as the quarter finals of the EFL Cup, including Arsenal v Manchester City and Everton v Manchester United. The final group games in the Champions League and Europa League are also yet to be played, while there will be fixtures every day of the week across the Bundesliga, La Liga and the Serie A.

Bets on all, these leagues and teams will make your free bet grow, but you have to make sure that you have opted into the Cash Back Club first!
Sign up to the SBA site today and get a 100% welcome bonus to use on sports when you make your first deposit too!

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