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Without PPEs, border towns Tororo and Mbale hit hard by COVID-19

Tororo town

Tororo, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | More than 100 health workers in the Elgon and Bukedi sub-regions have contracted Covid-19 due to lack of Personal Protective Equipment- PPEs.

Many health facilities in the districts are operating with inadequate or no PPEs, putting the lives of the medics in danger.

At Tororo District General Hospital in Tororo district, reports indicate that since January, 70 health workers have tested positive for corona virus.

Connie Bwrire, the Tororo district Acting Health Officer, says that there is an acute shortage of personal protective gear in Tororo general hospital. She says that the District Task Force has now turned to the public for support in purchasing PPEs for health workers.

Francis Odiit, in charge of Paya Health Center III in West Budama North East, says that the facility is currently receiving a high number of people presenting with COVID-19 like symptoms but are shunned by the health workers due to lack PPEs.

In Sironko district, out of the 360 health workers, 43 have tested positive in the second wave.

The District Health Officer, Paul Wakoko says that the health workers are dedicated to their work, but lack PPEs.

In Bulambuli district, 12 health workers tested positive. The District Health Officer, Dr Gidale Mupalya Muyili says that the health workers in the district are not adequately equipped with protective gears.

Since the second wave of the pandemic, Mbale, Kibuku and Paliisa have recorded over 50, 12 and 17 infections among health workers respectively.

Dr Godfrey Mulekwa, the Pallisa District Health Officer and Dr Buyinza Godfrey DHO Kibuku says that the increasing infections of covid-19 in the district from among the population is likely to increase on the infections among the health workers.

Edward Nyongesa, the Mbale District/City Surveillance Officer says that the infections among health workers has greatly affected the provision of health services in the health facilities since it reduces on the personnel but also stretches the other health workers.

Last year, doctors under the Uganda Medical Association asked medical workers to lay down their tools if they are not provided with Personal Protective Equipment- PPE.



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