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William Musimenta; Metal fabricator

By the Independent Team

It was not failure to get a job that pushed William Musimenta into taking on a welding and fabrication.  It was rather passion and the need to explore his innovation and art skills in the industry.  “Some of the existing fabricators either lacked the quality aspect or were not passionate enough about developing new products for the market,” says Musimenta.  Upon graduating in 2009, Musimenta choose to work for another company to build up on his practical skills and gain more confidence with the risky machinery. After two years, he had raised up to Shs 10 million to start Quality Metal Fabricators.  Over the years, he has built expertise in making metallic beds, gates, windows, doors, burglar proofing, iron fencing and stair casing.   His latest product portfolio includes barbeque or charcoal grills that he says are ideal for people living in apartments or homes with limited space.

Success tips; research and timely delivery

Musimenta is in agreement with the need for research and innovation. “Research, along with the experience gained working with another person, gives an opportunity for one to deliver a quality product on time,” he says.  He also feels that it’s important to show customer exquisite customer care standards say by doing post-sale follow up with them to make sure that his products are meeting their needs.

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