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South Sudan buys surveillance cameras to curb crime

THIS WEEK: South Sudan buys surveillance cameras to curb crime

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | On Dec.04, the government of South Sudan launched a drone security system in the capital Juba to curb crime in the war torn country.

Speaking at the launch, President Salva Kiir said with the new security system involving two drones and 11 cameras installed at different spots in the city it will be safe for everybody residing there.

Kfir Shilder, a project manager at Global Group, the Israeli company behind the project, said the surveillance system had 11 cameras installed in Juba and two drones. It would eventually be rolled out across the town.

“Those who snatch things in the streets can now be traced, they cannot get away from their crime”, he said pointing out that recently people have been killed and their valuables taken by robbers who sometimes camouflage as security operatives.

He said now with the drones, pictures can be zoomed in and out and can tell if there’s a criminal suspect hiding somewhere or running.

The project handled by the Israeli company Global Group is said to have cost millions of dollars and will be extended to other parts of the country as more than a hundred more cameras are yet to be installed.

The country has suffered high crime rates arising from a civil war for more four years something that has driven the six year old country into an economic and political crisis.


  1. i am really beginning to admire the way our great leader H.E Salva Kiir is acting positively.The surveillance cameras will reduce the crime rate with in the city however there is more insecurity in the country side i.e Jonglei state where people are being killed by murle and children plus women abducted and the government is reluctant.Recently 45plus people were killed and several injured. I pray that our Great(Salvatore) reacts to such things. Thanks you for the move though.

  2. thats just waste of money and resourses instead of letting ur citizen to hv what to eat but u are spending money on buying useless things . that is why we will always remain behind like fools and indeed we are

    • think twice Lil PATO
      u re complaining of food what about unknown gunmen who always n will always
      kill u whether u re hungry or satisfy
      it’s not a waste lol

  3. U bout the cameras good but what of the legal requirements like court system and police capabilities

  4. Hi dear, yes, it is a good move that they installed 11 cameras around the city; however cameras without effective leaders is not going to make much difference. It will only be the consequences that government put in place for the criminals which have become pandemic on the nation. Yes, they might caught the one who committed crimes but may be soft on them. That is my only concerned, crimes without punishment no lesson is learned. Too many things that are wrong going on now with the country but if the meaningful measure is taken it will make the difference in the life of those still living inside the town.


    Definitely the installations of country surveillance cameras will be a solution to peace in our beloved Country, Republic of South Sudan that emerged as a nation recently from Arab invasions.
    The range or coordinate points of surveillance to be across the Country to navigate the confinement areas of hideout of the outlaws along highways, trunk and feeder roads,and surrounding borders.
    HE The President unilaterally is a peace maker because SPLM PARTY is the party which fought for RSS, and succeeded for an independent South Sudan, people must understand the WILL of SPLM as one People, one Nation as our slogan both in Diaspora and back home.

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