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THIS WEEK: Judicial officers go on strike over pay again

Principal Judge Yorokamu Bamwine (left) and Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister, Gen Kahinda Otafiire in a discussion during the Uganda Judicial Officers Association extraordinary meeting at Kampala High Court

THIS WEEK: Judicial officers go on strike over pay again

Judges and magistrates across the country went on strike again on Aug25 leaving those with cases in court stranded. Judges and magistrates through their body – Uganda Judicial Officers Association in July gave government a one month ultimatum to work on their salary issues or else they lay down their tools.

Their president Geofry Kaweesa in a statement asked officials to return any government property including cars and warned that any judicial officer who goes against their call and report to work would be de-registered because the strike applied to all.

While speaking to the media Kaweesa said they want the chief justice’s salary to be enhanced to Shs55m from the current Shs20m whereas that of his deputy to be Shs53m from Shs18m. The principal judge they propose should earn Shs50m from the current Shs10m whereas justices of the Supreme Court should be given Shs34m from Shs9.6m.

On top of salary increment, judicial officers also want security, medical insurance and housing allowances.

Last month, they went on strike over the same and only returned to work after government promised to work on their grievances.


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  1. I think the govenment of museveni should increase there salaries

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