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War crimes court to sum up muslim terror case to assessors

Kampala, Uganda| GODFREY SSALI | The International Crimes Division Court has pushed to Thursday this week to summarize to the Assessors, evidence that was presented in the murder case of 14 people said to have plotted the killing of several Muslim clerics.

Its a legal requirement in criminal trials that before the court delivers its final verdict, the Judge in that case sums up the entire evidence on record for the appointed Assessors who simple lay people got from the public with no legal training .

These Assessors follow the trial and then advise the court, in their opinion on whether to convict or acquitt the accused person but the judge can choose to agree with them or not.

Lead judge Ezekiel Muhanguzi’s contract was renewed for more six months having clocking the mandatory retirement age

The accused persons who chose to keep silent in their defence include the leader of Tabliq Muslims in the country Sheikh Yunus Kamoga.

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