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Vice President tips youth on National Anthem

By Ronald Musoke

Uganda’s Vice President, Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi has urged the Ugandan youth to learn all the three stanzas of the national anthem if they are to escape embarrassment at public functions and during job interviews.

Ssekandi passed on the advice while closing this year’s national youth conference in Kampala on Jan. 24.

Ssekandi said although Ugandans were used to singing one stanza during national functions where the president is not in attendance, and only two stanzas when the latter is around during such functions, Cabinet resolved last year to let all the three stanzas be sang at all functions.

He said Cabinet reached this resolution as the country was preparing to celebrate its golden jubilee celebrations.

Ssekandi said the youth should memorize and understand all the stanzas because this could be one of the tests during job interviews.

The national anthem was composed by the late Prof. George William Kakoma who passed away on April 9, just six months before the country celebrated its 50th independence anniversary.

Although the national anthem is taught in all Ugandan schools, few Ugandans are able to sing all the three stanzas with confidence.

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