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UVRI demands funding for research

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Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Uganda Virus Research Institute-UVRI has asked the government to fund research activities.

UVRI carries out research on communicable diseases in man and animals, with emphasis on viral transmitted infections. The institute also hosts the regional laboratory for tests on severe infections.

Steven Balinandi, the Laboratory Scientist for UVRI says that the government only pays salaries of a handful of staff at the institute.

In the 2019/2020 financial year, 9.3 billion shillings was allocated to the institute and its subsidiary government Laboratories across the country. 1.8 billion shillings will cover salaries and wages, UGX 1.2 on utility and property expenses and 800 million shillings on supplies and property services among others.

However, no funds were allocated money for research.

Balinandi now wants government to directly fund activities that will help in research and the provision of improved technology for researchers to provide results on time. He says that currently, it takes the Institution, more than 5 hours to get results of a sample for the Ebola Virus.

Pontiano Kaleebu, the Executive Director UVRI acknowledges that for research to improve in the government Laboratory, there is need to boost on the kind of technology used in research.

“We shall cope up with the world. The emerging issues on improving research will improve with not just government funding but also facilitation from other funding agencies including the Centre for Diseases Control and the USAID.” Kaleebu says.



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