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UPDF: “Gulu situation back to normal”

Recent NBS screenshot of Paddy Ankunda, the UPDF spokesman
Recent NBS screenshot of Paddy Ankunda, the UPDF spokesman

Gunfire rocked Gulu Sunday night for close to an hour, and when calm returned, the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) spokesman Paddy Ankunda announced the “situation back to normal.”

Initial reports indicated an attack on an army barracks, while another talked of an army rebellion.

Ankunda @defenceuganda, brought an end to speculation on social media about what was going on in the northern Ugandan city of Gulu from around 8pm with his tweet.



“Gulu police station attack successfully thwarted,” he said, before adding that  the “attackers” wanted to rescue one of their own  who had been arrested following an earlier attack on Opit LDU detach. It turns out that is a leading local politician, Dan Oola of the Uganda People’s Congress party, who is supposed to be court Monday for the Opit LDU detach attach earlier.

“Oola Dan not “rescued” must face court,” the UPDF spokesman announced.

Gulu 1

He said three of the attackers have surrendered with two rifles.

Earlier, Gulu-based journalist David Labeja, talked to Gulu Mayor George Labeja, who said there was an attempted attack at Gulu CPS by armed men.




Police also later said in a statement that a joint effort by them and the army had helped stop the attack and the situation in Gulu was now normal.



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  1. James jones bantu

    Soon the attackers will attack luzira to have bisigye rescued? Every time an attack on the government occurs we are told that they are attempting to rescue one of their own, this is not the first time to say this. May be the problem is bigger than that? Do have rebels in uganda, no wonder with museveni clinging on to power against his comrades’ wishes, this the real stuation we especially in ug now, instability.

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