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UNEB sets deadline for verifying academic documents for political aspirants

FILE PHOTO: UNEB chief Dan Odong.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Uganda National Examinations Board-UNEB has set deadlines for the submission of application verification letters of people aspiring for different political positions in the coming general election.

Electoral laws require that all prospective aspirants for positions of President, Member of Parliament or district chairpersons to have a minimum formal education of A’level standards by UNEB or its equivalent. Letters of verification of results are one of the basic requirements an aspirant presents to the commission two months before nominations.

According to UNEB executive secretary Dan Odong, aspiring candidates for local government elections have up to July 2 to submit their applications while August 4 is for parliamentary aspirants and August 24 for presidential aspirants.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the process will be handled electronically on the UNEB website However, applicants will be picking their verified hard copy letters from UNEB on appointment.

“You will be notified within three working days to collect your letter of verification from UNEB annex offices in Ntinda,” says Odongo.

Aspirants are requested to obtain introductory letters from their former schools and their certificates to be verified plus a copy of their national identity cards.

“Aspirants whose documents have been verified before but may wish to verify for the election in the question present a copy of the letter that UNEB previously wrote to the Electoral Commission together with their National ID. Such persons don’t need introductory letters,” says Odongo.

Jennifer Kalule Musumba, UNEB’s principal public relations officer explains that candidates whose former schools no longer exist will be required to have a document from the district education authorities detailing the fate of the said school.

All aspirants will be required to pay shilling 300,000 for each document handed in for verification. This means that if an aspirant presents his ordinary and advanced level certificates he will have to part with shillings 600,000.




  1. Yes I have aquestion here that if I have the one for Alevel is that also necessary to come and pay the
    600000/=as it’s recommended Or, and this money also L.c 1 chairperson has to pay it or its for only upper levels ??

  2. Do I need to re-verify my academic docs if I had previously verified in previous elections

  3. 1. Should I send result verification fee with the documents or send fast the documents and pay later

    2. for aspirant M.P which academic papers should i pay for and how much total sum of money

    3. I contested in 2001 with an introductory letter from my school, so my question is should I use the same letter or you need anew one

  4. Is one supposed to referify his or her documents when he verified in the. Previous elections

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