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Umeme partners with Hind’s Feet Project in Mbale

Umeme staffs and medical practitioners take care of patients during the health outreach in Busiu

Umeme Limited has reached out to thousands of residents residing in and around Busiu Community in Mbale through a health and safety community fair

Stationed at Busiu Health Centre, Umeme invited residents of Busiu and surrounding areas to attend the fair which went on from 8:00am to 6:00pm June 1.

The all-day fair conducted in partnership with Hind’s Feet Project, Cancer Institute, Red Cross and Aids Information Centre also aimed at sensitizing the public on safety in a region hit by illegal electricity activities, which have led to the loss of several lives.

“We are always proud to be associated with the communities we serve. It is gratifying to see over 1000 people come in to get access to free medical checkup treatment, counseling and referrals. Working closely with Hinds feet, Umeme will continue to get closer and reach out to disadvantaged communities in Uganda” Umeme Head of communications Sandor Walusimbi said at the event.

“By reaching out the community on matters of their health & safety, we hope they will appreciate the safe usage of power by legalizing their connections and save lives,” he added.

The medical services offered included; Hepatitis B screening and shots, dental, eye checkups and general medicine, screening for HIV, diabetes, ulcers, blood pressure, syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases such as Hepatitis B, Screening and tests for malaria and cervical cancer, safe male circumcision, nutritional consultations, consultations on disease prevention and management, Onsite treatment for common illnesses.

Speaking on behalf of Hind’s Feet Project, Dr. Victor Afayo said they had received health complaints from the health centre on community members dying from illegal power connection.

He mentioned that extending health services to the communities is important as access to healthcare remains a key issue in the community.

“The community suffers effects of illegal power connection and they are not even able to offer first aid to the victims. We are here to enhance first aid skills and we are delighted that Umeme has had a role in improving standards of living within the Busiu community,” Dr. Victor Afayo said.

The utility also distributed reflector jackets to boda boda riders in Mbale as part of the safety initiative

Umeme Limited is Uganda’s leading electricity Distribution Company while the Hind’s Feet Project (HFP) is a Non-Profit Organization in Uganda that focuses on making health information accessible to all regardless of background, education or literacy level.

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