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Ugandan top musician Mowzey Radio is dead

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Ten days after being beaten into a coma, Ugandan musician Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio of the Goodlyfe Crew died on Thursday morning at the intensive care unit at Case Hospital in Kampala.

Case clinic confirmed 35-year-old Mowzey Radio’s death in a statement. Born January 25, 1983, his birthday found him admitted in hospital.

“The management of Case Hospital regret to announce the passing of Moses Ssekibogo alias Mowzey Radio today 1st February 2018 at 6.00am.”

Museveni mourns

Among the first people to mourn Mowzey’s death was Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni.

“I have been told about the untimely death of musician Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio. I had only recently made a financial contribution towards his treatment and hoped he would get better. He was a talented young person with a great future ahead of him. May he rest in peace,” Museveni said on twitter.

Mowzey Radio was one of the musicians who composed the Tubonga Nawe song in support of President Museveni during the campaigns for the 2016 elections. The song featured Uganda’s best in Jose Chameleon, Bebe Cool, Radio & Weasel, Juliana, Rema Namakua, Mun*G.

Mowzey had up to 250 songs to his name, was a BET award nominee and one of Africa’s best vocalists and undoubtedly Uganda’s best song writer with more than 400 songs written.

Mowzey Radio’s body was  transferred to Mulago Mortuary for postmortem amidst tight security. After the postmortem, the body was taken to his home in Makindye – Nevaland for a vigil. Church Service will be held Friday 2pm at Rubaga Cathedral and Burial on Saturday 4pm at Kaga Nakawuka.

Last week’s incident

Radio was reportedly knocked out cold by assailants last week in Entebbe after an altercation at De Bar. Police have since made several arrests as they seek answers. No one has yet been charged.

Among those picked up was George Egesa, owner of the bar from where Mowzey was assaulted and then admitted to Emmanuel Clinic in Entebbe, transferred to Nsambya then to Case where hours later  doctors conducted a brain surgery.

Case Hospital, where Mowzey Radio was admitted, was also last week the centre of media attention again after large crowds converged there soon after the arrival of Kampala City socialite Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White. (read about AK47 DEATH in similar incident Page 2)


  1. Such a great man with such a great talent gone,Rest in eternal peace

    • RIP it is shocking to loose a lovely guy like Radio. people around in Kigali say you will never be forgotten. we love you

  2. Rest in Peace Radio. You were a man of great talent!

  3. RIP Dear soldier, u will always be remembered . heroes die but are never forgotten much love

  4. oh no may his soul rest in peace

  5. Rest in peace..you will be missed a lot

  6. The lord is doing this to warn us who are still alive and other musicians to sing in away which glorifies God because we are all going to die and meet God, most especially we should struggle to change the dress chord which doesn’t scanderize others. May he rest in peace

  7. Such a great talented artist gone too soon RIP Mozy we gonna miss u sojah

  8. RIP mozey Radio u hv left us in cries.

  9. Kebba James Nathan

    Good Bye My Star Moze Radio, Mukama Akuwumuze Mirembe.

  10. Rest In Peace

  11. Speechless…..RIP Mozey Radio we will miss your vocals

  12. Am so sorry for everyone’s loss. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

  13. What a sad ending;;;;RIP Mozey.

  14. Rest in peace our ugandan artist with an outstanding talent,may the grace of the lord be upon you…..

  15. Its so painful . we hv lost a man of great talent its very big loss in music industry and let’s give support to Weasel

  16. RIP our musician, we shall miss you alot

  17. Its a point of moodness l see nothing before most of us. am struck to heart by its Blog that shall never be consoled by the beginning and the end of the folding talents. RIP


    May his soul rest in internal peace. Banange weasle nga kitalo ekya mukwano gwaffe.

  19. ts been too xoon tht u have left a too hard to replace gap in the music industry, #rip

  20. why is it that u had to go so early,i wish you stayed with us forever because u been our greatest source of inspiration and courage. Deep in our hearts will always keep you image # Mozzey radio

  21. We shall miss his wonderful vocals, but it has become too much, something has to be done the way musicians are being killed. You can imagine, AK47, Dance kumapessa , now Mozey. Most musicians have been beaten and just survived by God’s mercy. Remember Jose Chameleon, Bebe Cool and others. It’s high time you, Musicians watched your movements.R.I.P Moses.

  22. Radio, RIP pls, why do good people go early!

  23. May his soul rest in eternal life.

  24. Imuko Denis Etesot

    Wat Adisappointing Moment! Dia Radio Yo Inspiration, Voice, Care, Love, Togetherness, Innocence, Peace Building, Encouragment, Presantation, I Will Always Miss U Oh Dia….RIP Probably In God’s Hands I Pray

  25. rip my dear may God grant u eternal life Amen, meet u there one day,.

  26. There’s nothing else to be done , we leave it in the hands of GOD. May his soul rest in eternal peace

  27. There’s nothing else to be done , we leave it in the hands of GOD. May his soul rest in peace

    • Why same family ever and ever ? why same assault ever and ever ? Something must be behind this family ! Good investigation need to be carried out this time around. Rest in Peace mozy twagukundaga cyane iwacu irwanda

  28. Jackson Koor Athian

    Why same family ever and ever ? why same assault ever and ever ? Something must be behind this family ! Good investigation need to be carried out this time around. Rest in Peace bro

  29. rip radio u will be still remembered i the Ugandas history bye bye we shall find u there

  30. Rest in peace Radio. May his soul rest in eternal peace. God should strength the family more especially the kids and the wife , gone too soon.

  31. rip radio will be remembered in the history of music

  32. We Will Not Forget You Mowzey Radio Rest In Peace

  33. We Shall Not Forget You Mowzey Radio Rest In Peace

  34. Rest in peace

  35. Really sad to our brother to be killed by an unidentified slayer.This is going to cause other innocent Ugandans to suffer the consequence since it may be hard to track the actual suspect given our insufficient investigation systems.RIP Mozey ,Legacy on..

  36. I can’t believe it really happened!!! Thank you for goosebumps, screaming and so much joy your voice and music brought in my life! RIP Mowzey

  37. OMG its so painful that Mowzey Radio has gone, we shall get u there*** RIP

  38. The human hearts are the most wicked, now they have done it Moze may the Almighty grant you eternal Peace in heaven.

  39. So absurd, may the soul of our beloved soldier rest in Peace

  40. iranya moses goodsherp

    Gone 2 soon brother
    Me, Uganda and the whole world will miss you
    May the almighty grand you peace***JAH bless wizzo**

  41. If we r 2 cry,we may run short ov tear,if we r 2 talk,we may run short ov words n if we r 2 walk, we wud lk 2 walk wid u even down the grave soldier! ”IN GRUSS SALUS” Hero.

  42. May his soul R.I.P


  44. But how many of these young talented Ugandan artists are going to be sacrificed through beatings; unknown assailants doing whatever they do to kill one by one; first it was AK 47, now it is Radio, there have been frequent attempts on Bebe Cool; these kind of killings, we the people of Africa; the people of East Africa; we the black people, are tired to see these kind of killings done in broad day light and we end up not seeing action taken whatsoever. All we see and hear is arrests that amount to nothing productive.

    We are so scared to enjoy the night moments in places where these music stars have come to because we are going to start thinking that anytime a killer could come and mass murder by shooting or using grenades or bombs to kill these stars and we the normal people become victims as well. What is the police and all other security operatives in Uganda doing to stop this insanity?

    I am a very concerned Rwandan who lives in Rwanda that loves Uganda and Ugandans because I have lived and studied in Uganda for more than 20 years and I feel I am part of Uganda and the people of Uganda are like brothers and sisters to me and these killings are really affecting the way we think and our attitude towards the reckless killings, we are scared and frustrated at the same time of how the security operatives are handling this matter.

    My sincere condolences to the family of Radio, his clue, his music base, his fans and to all Africans and all people who love this young man and the ugandan talent at large.

    For those keeping silent, you should all be ashamed!!!

  45. Too sad. You will always be remembered. May the good Lord Rest Your Soul in Eternal Peace.

  46. Sorry,its Sad To Here That Ugandan Musicial Alway Passing Away Ak47 and Mowzey Radio May Almight God Be With You Rest In Peace

  47. Abdu Shakur Kibaale Rakai

    Rest Internal Peace All The Tyme

  48. mowzey radio y lyk dat u knw vryy well ur born twines in music indstry and how do u espect weasel to do wat u hve mention in ur song title money; by said u should keep ur money close lyk radio and weasel pls radio u hve make vry big mistake jst dyng how can weasel look widout u

  49. mowzey ur suprisly death hs scare me made me losng hop for evrything in de world, its world of harmful nt world of peace plz mowzey RIP

  50. His candle burnt out too soon. May the Almighty God rest his soul in peace. Too bad for family and friends.

  51. radio was such a greatfull talented young guy who contributed much toward goodlife music industry . may his soul rest in eternal peace

  52. it was so unfortunate to heard of vocalist artist mozey sekibogos death……We re gonna mis u alot more esp in the muzic industry….Bt al in al mey his soul rest in eternal peace…

  53. May soul R.I.P.

  54. Ssembatya Tadeo K

    rest in peace Mozey

  55. Binobusingye Yoas

    That injury that involved tremors and coma needed a serious management from UK hospitals instead of Those fool Clinical officers of Case hospital who should have forwarded the patient immediately. Am so so so angry with case hospital management which scientifically knows the meaning of tremors on a patient.
    our man died but out of poor decisions by the poor local scientists. i wish he was not in coma, he would have decided to go to abroad for treatment and he would have lived.
    RIP my bro.

    • Don’t show us your ego please your trying to speak out something which has no sense cause your not the one who trained them.



  57. oh lord we lift up da soul of beloved man radio 2 u he mean alot 4 us nw he haz left us in deep sorrow may his soul rest in evalasting life Amen

  58. so talented young man . may the mighty God have mercy on you #Rip star mowzey Radio

  59. may his soul rest in peace

  60. RIP my good friend. Will miss u. Now the hunt begins for the guy who killed my friend. Lets go home boys!!

  61. Only leant of the passing of one of the great son of the soil who used to entertain us. Sincere condolenses to his family and fans. Time may have passed but we in Zambia still mourn with you. MHSRIP

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  63. We will remember da legacy he left behind

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