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Ugandan lab recognized for best practice in lab medicine

Makerere University Johns Hopkins University Core Laboratory (MUJHU) at the Infectious Diseases Institute has been recognized as the best in Africa as far as best practice in laboratory medicine is concerned.

The awarding body – African Society of Laboratory Medicine (ASLM), a body whose objective is to promote laboratory services on the continent said the best in this category has continuously expressed world class monitoring and appraisal of quality indicators.

In a Jan.19 statement, Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng said the system developed by the laboratory to identify benchmarks for monitoring the expectations of patients, clinicians, researchers, as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of internal processes was found to demonstrate greater quality improvement outcomes in comparison to the best known international standards for the same. This award is the forth international recognition for the country to receive as regards laboratory services since 2014.  Last year, the country’s viral load testing strategy was selected as the most efficient among countries implementing the method of HIV testing in Africa.


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