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Ugandan Cabinet Approves National Fertilizer Policy

The evolution of policy in Uganda is something that continues to tickle many heads. In 2010, Economic Policy Research centre (EPRC) set out to develop a National Fertilizer Policy for Uganda. This was on the backdrop that Ugandans soils were no longer fertile, thus calling for an urgent need of fertilizer use to replinish the soils.

Unlike other policies, this is the first that EPRC has initiated using its research evidence. The policy went through policy formulation all the way to approval by cabinet. The Policy was approved in the last sitting of the Ugandan Cabinet.

This then implies that going forward, Uganda will champion the cause of fertilizer use in the whole world being one of the few countries with a well-articulated policy. Among other things in the policy are the regulations, and strategies aimed at guiding and promoting the use of fertilizers by Uganda’s farmers.

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