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Uganda police retires 155 lower rank officers

The Inspector General of Police Okoth Ochola presided over the farewell and walkout ceremony of 155 retiring officers at police headquarters, Naguru.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Uganda Police Force has retired 155 lower rank officers who have clocked 60 years. The freshly retired officers comprise of 30 Inspectors of Police (IPs), 29 Assistant Inspectors of Police (AIPs), 48 Sergeants (SGTs), 27 Corporals (CPLs) and 21 Police Constables (PCs).

The Assistant Commissioner in charge of pension at ministry of public service, Ojok Ongom, applauded police retirees for serving Uganda religiously. Ongom explained that serving the country involves working during heavy down pour, spending time without family and sleeping in unpleasant environment.

Retirement, according to Ongom is not an abrupt occurrence but something everyone knows that would come at a particular time. “Retirement decision is made when you’re still very active in service. Retirement involves determining your goals early enough. It calls for financial discipline,” Ongom said.

The retirees were reminded to make their new status known to all those who have been dependent on them. Ongom explained that when you reveal your new status, it makes people lower their expectations and that gives you peace of mind.

“When you don’t tell people your new status, they keep their expectations high,” Ongom advised. “But you’ll be saved from pressure when you tell people your new status, and this includes your children. The life you’ve been living in for 30 years will have to change whether you like it or not.”

However, many retirees expressed dissatisfaction with how their pension processes are handled. Police officers said some walk till death when their pensions have not been rectified. Retired IP William Baryo, who spoke on behalf of others asked IGP to ensure quick processing of pension and gratuity.

“It is very challenging moving from Arua or Kabale to police headquarters to check on the file. Remember the salary is already cut off, people are weak and tired. I kindly request you IGP to ensure there is quick processing of pension and gratuity for these senior citizens,” Baryo said.

IGP Ochola tasked the retirees to exhibit the highest degree of discipline even after leaving the police force. He said many police officers do not attend retirement events because they died earlier, disserted the force or were dismissed because of misconduct.

“It is therefore only through such a gathering that we are accorded a lifetime opportunity to express gratitude, respect, reverence and honor to our own officers whose invaluable contribution are hardly brought to light,” Ochola said.

The IGP extolled the retirees for their resilience in all the years they have been serving. Ochola said retirement is relief from strenuous police duties because one becomes relieved from the compulsory strains with honor and dignity, and it is for this reason that those who are still in service, should look at those retiring with admiration and gratitude for a job well done.

“Therefore, consider this function as collective token of appreciation for a great journey of your achievements and beautiful memories,” concluded the IGP.



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