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Uganda develops five herbal therapeutic products to manage Covid-19

The therapeutics developed by Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute. URN photo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Five herbal therapeutics have been developed by the Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute to assist in the treatment and management of COVID-19 in Uganda.

The products include; Warbugia Ugandensis, Cypress oil, Cypress herbal tea, propolis tincture and propolis throat spray. Another product that has been developed is the NCRI-NP syrup that is a concentrated version of the government’s UBV-01N COVID-19 therapeutic that is still undergoing research to determine proper dosages.

According to scientists, the products which have been developed using locally grown herbs have been found to be effective in the treatment of COVID-19.

“The products were developed alongside the therapeutic trial which aimed at finding safe and efficacious drugs to fight COVID. All the products have shown to be effective and some have been notified by the National Drug Authority. But as this goes on, people have been using these products and they have shown to be efficacious,” said Dr Grace Nambatya Kyeyune, a medicinal chemist and lead investigator on the COVID-19 therapeutic study.

According to Dr Nambatya, the drugs have been tried on mice and they have shown to be effective in controlling the disease while avoiding organ damage at the same time. Nambatya says the herbs have been in Uganda for decades but were never considered before.

When used in combination, Dr Nambatya says that preliminary findings show that the drugs are able to treat COVID-19 related cough, clear the airway which enables people to breathe on their own and be able to kill the virus by perforating it. According to Dr Nambatya, the products are safe for persons undergoing home-based care.

The herbs are being sold at the NCRI office located near the Ministry of Health headquarters. A complete package of all the products costs 150,000 Shillings. The herbal therapeutics are supposed to be taken for a period not longer than two weeks.




  1. but you guys ditched Mbarara University team which work on all this research and now u taking the credit. something similar to plagiarism

  2. All this kind of research was first initiated by me in 2013 and later on i engaged NCRI team which took up the whole exercise under my close supervision. I still demand Government US$10 Million dollars now that my research has proved to be useful in the treatment of Covid-19 pandemic. Tom Kennedy Wananda +256776234433 Whatsup. Mr.Andrew Mwenda you are a close friend to Mr.Museveni Kaguta pse talk to him over my payment issue sir.Thank you

  3. There are two issues here,
    (a) the last time i checked there was a draft document on Intellectual property, is the final one ready? I pray that the one who initiated work is given due recognition, it will depend on the conditions that guided the interaction though

    (b)With due respect to the University, we are at a loss, when one claims that a herb has antiviral and immuno modulation properties, it is assumed that he is conversant with the requirements for research with regard to human subjects and clinical trials.

    So without following the standards laid down, the emotional approach being used only exposes inherent weaknesses in certain systems

    True there are individuals who get excited about being the first to do X and Y, but without following a comprehensive set of activities only waters down an otherwise great achievement

    The other study being described in this country is following such standards by the letter

    It is not yet too late for an Institution that is established to follow the steps and come out with all their findings plus respect from the scientific world

  4. Kennedy Maridadi

    I knew all along and said it severally that Uganda would kill this virus…… Oh Uganda may God uphold thee.

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