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Twitter suspends Donald Trump account


Trump tweeting

Washington, US | THE INDEPENDENT | Twitter deleted three tweets by US President Donald Trump, locked his account for 12 hours and said it will remain suspended if  offending messaging is not taken down.

Twitter said US President Donald Trump flouted its civic integrity rules, ordered him to remove, then deleted three rule-breaking tweets after he continued to push conspiracy theories about the election after a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol.

One of the tweets included a video of Trump repeating unfounded claims that the election was taken from him and encouraging his supporters to disperse after violence erupted at the Capitol.

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube also removed the video from Trump’s accounts.

Facebook said it would be blocking the president’s account from posting for 24 hours due to two policy violation.

As of January 2021 Barack Obama is the most followed account on Twitter with over 127 million followers, and Donald Trump is the 6th most followed account with 88 million followers. Trump has another 32 million on facebook.


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