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Traffic police to arrest drivers, conductors without vaccination cards

Traffic Police Spokesperson Faridah Nampiima.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Directorate of Traffic Police has announced plans to mount checkpoints to arrest drivers and conductors without COVID-19 vaccination cards.

Without mentioning the exact date, the Traffic Police Spokesperson, Faridah Nampiima told journalists on Monday they will soon start checking drivers and their conductors for COVID-19 vaccination cards.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says that police will start using the health ministry online portal to help detect forged COVID-19 certificates.

“The vaccination cards had the serial numbers and all records were taken and stored in the database at the Ministry of Health. And it is against this database that we shall be running and conducting proof of vaccination when the operations intensify. So the digital vaccine verification database will make our work much easier,” Enanga said.

He warned those carrying fake vaccination cards or involved in their production to be ready for the consequences when the operations start.

Last week, the Works and Transport Minister General Edward Katumba Wamala said it would be difficult to detect forged vaccination cards, especially by operators. He said police would enforce the wearing of face masks.



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  1. Dare arrest and force fellow human beings to take those Experimental clot jabs and we shall Sue You for Crimes Against Humanity under the Nuremberg Code. #DeathSentence

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