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Thousands attend protest vigils for slain Slovak journalist

Contacted by AFP, Harlem Desir, the Freedom of the Media representative at the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, said he “can confirm” that Deloire had called on Fico to apologise to journalists.

Desir, who met Fico along side Deloire earlier Friday in Bratislava, also insisted that the “masterminds behind this crime” must be brought to justice.

Fico once told journalists they were “dirty, anti-Slovak whores” and used terms like “silly hyenas” and “slimy snakes” to describe the media.

But in the wake of Kuciak’s killing, he has vowed his government would “protect freedom of speech and the safety of journalists”.

Protesters touted placards saying “journalists, don’t be afraid, we are on your side!” while other held pictures with Fico’s face crossed out.

– Wedding gown –

Fico has accused the opposition of using the murder as a “political tool to get people out on the streets and gain power”.

Maria Troskova, a close Fico aide, was forced out on Wednesday after Kuciak alleged she had ties to Italians purportedly involved with the ‘Ndrangheta crime syndicate. She has denied any wrongdoing.

Thousands of mostly young Slovaks joined anti-graft rallies last year demanding the dismissal of senior government and police officials for alleged foot-dragging on fighting graft.

Transparency International ranks Slovakia as the seventh most corrupt EU member.

The murders have also sparked a wave of international condemnation amid concerns about media freedom and corruption in Slovakia.

Kuciak’s fiancee was laid to rest in her wedding gown on Friday, as hundreds of mourners flocked to her funeral in the northern Slovak town of Gregorovce.The couple were had been due to wed in May.

Kuciak’s funeral will be held on Saturday in the northern village of Stiavnik, near the Czech border.

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