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The toll-free line to fight the sale of blood launched

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The head of Jinja Blood Bank, Adonia Nanhumba, has expressed concern over the alarming decline in blood donations attributed to negative public perceptions.

The blood bank, situated within Jinja Regional Referral Hospital, faces a monthly target of 1300 units but often falls short due to a scarcity of donors.

Despite soaring demand for blood, particularly among anaemic patients and expectant mothers in various healthcare facilities, a substantial gap in blood donation persists. This issue is primarily linked to a pessimistic attitude prevalent among the public regarding blood donation.

Adonia Nanhumba, the Head of Jinja Blood Bank, lamented the challenges they face in achieving their monthly targets. She pointed out that negative perceptions have deterred potential donors from coming forward to save lives through blood donations.

However, in a bid to address this problem, the blood bank has launched a toll-free telephone number where the public can report incidents of blood sales.

The toll-free number, 0800122422, aims to empower the community to combat the unethical practice of selling blood, even to individuals who have previously donated.

The situation has raised concerns within the community. Jabril Kaisokampaga, a councillor at Buikwe District, expressed his frustration, saying, “It pains a lot when you have a card as a blood donor, but you also have to buy blood in health facilities,”

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