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TECH: Kluger Vs Prado

Comparing two of Toyota’s hottest SUVs from 2014

Here’s a comparison between the 2014 Toyota Kluger and the Toyota Landcruiser Prado 150 series. This is probably the most relevant and interesting comparison you’ll ever read and consider. You see, to many the Prado’s off road capability is completely irrelevant. For many SUV buyers it is space, higher driving position, reasonable fuel economy, reliability and refinement and price (in no particular order) that are the most desirable attributes.

The exterior:  In real life and show room the Kluger is a conservative design and only its slightly more aggressive front end gives it some character. The updated Landcruiser Prado shows much more character and even its large front grill which reminds us of any number of American trucks does work in terms of overall design. The other interesting observation is that the Kluger looks bigger (and is) than the Prado. We think both are equally and largely inoffensive to look at.

The interior: The Prado interior needs a more comprehensive update as it can only be described as acceptable in 2014. The new interior design language of the Kluger looks and feels good overall. There is more built in storage along with the very handy and huge center box to hold almost anything you want along with a dash shelf, huge bottle holders and glove box. The Kluger wins this part of the comparison QED.

Technology: Both have modern V6 petrol engines despite being at least a decade old but still with plenty of power for virtually any purpose. They also are carry-over engines which need more fuel efficient software but they are reliable and well known. The Prado has a 4WD and off road tech which is reliable and proven while the Kluger makes do with a basic AWD system or FWD only. The Kluger has more on-road safety technology which beats the Prado dependent on your purchasing priorities.

The drive: Neither are sports cars so that is not the point. Both are safe handlers. The Prado is refined and very quiet drive and ride over any sort of road conditions. The Kluger is presumably as quiet and refined than the last model we drove which was pretty good.

The conclusion is not surprising to us. The Kluger is the bigger SUV and arguably more fuel efficient being its strongest points than the Prado which is still the off road winner along with the availability of a diesel (although it really needs an upgrade) being its strongest points in this comparisons. We think all the other points of comparison are equal. It will be really up to you where your priorities lie in terms of overall package and price.

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