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In China, unhappiness tracks poor air quality

Paris, France | AFP | Eye-watering, throat-scratching air pollution is a major driver of big city blues in China, according to a study published Monday that matched social network chatter with fine-particle pollution levels. “The take-away is simple,” lead author Siqi Zheng, an associate professor at MIT and director of the …

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How do we measure ` happiness’?

And why it may be an element in evaluating one’s well-being, but it is not the only one Kampala, Uganda | HENRY S. RICHARDSON & ERIK SCHOKKAERT | Opinions differ on the definition of well-being. Yet there’s a growing consensus that it cannot be reduced to material consumption and that other …

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Happiness and God

Are religious people happier than non-religious people? Kampala, Uganda | KAYONDO HUBERT NGAMABA | What makes people happy? This question can be difficult to answer. Happiness has been discussed throughout history. Philosophers, thinkers and activists, such as Aristippus, Aristotle, Zhuangzi, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Jeremy Benthan and Bertrand Russell, have considered happiness …

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Happiness and meaning in life

Discovering the sweet spot where one does not have to give up one for the other By Thaddeus Metz On the face of it, there are many situations in which doing something that makes us happier fails to make our lives more meaningful. Some recent examples from my life include: …

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A quantum of happiness

By Ohood al Roumi Countries are moving beyond GDP and social services data in measuring a country’s success and development I’m delighted to join in the celebration of this year’s International Day of Happiness. But, to be honest, my focus is on the other 364 days of the year. After …

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