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Rescuing economic growth

In Highly Indebted countries, it might require a combination of deeper debt reduction and longer time COMMENT | Dani Rodrik, Reza Baqir, and Ishac Diwan | This year may prove devastating for the developing world, as more and more countries find themselves engulfed in debt crises. Several (Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Russia, Suriname, …

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Uganda’s political and economic risks

Why growing societal discontent can lead to violence and protests Kampala, Uganda | INDEPENDENT TEAM & AGENCIES | Uganda, political-economically speaking, is moderately stable compared to other countries that are highly unstable such as Sudan and Libya. On the policy front, this can be seen in the government’s tendency to run …

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Sudan risks sliding into economic, security collapse: UN envoy

United Nations | Xinhua | The top UN envoy for Sudan warned Monday that the country may risk sliding into an economic and security collapse and a worse humanitarian crisis. “The stakes are high. The aspirations of Sudanese women and men for a prosperous, civilian-led, democratic future are at risk. Unless …

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Time for economic pragmatism

By David Nyende Infrastructure investments alone will not result in economic growth and development In answer to the question: “How do you make an economy grow?”, one economist wrote: “The secret of economic growth remains mysterious despite the tremendous efforts by economists into trying to solve it: neither free market …

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Economic activity in 2010

By The Independent Team ‘A strong position has to be taken on corruption and efficiency of local government in the delivery of services’ According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Uganda`s real economic growth is projected at6.0 percent in 2010, higher than that of many other comparable countries. The projection …

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