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Ex-pope’s shadow Vatican role in the spotlight

Vatican City, Holy See | AFP | Ex-pope Benedict XVI seems to have broken his silence recently over key Catholic issues and his comments have raised serious questions within the Church about the extent to which there are, in fact, two “men in white” at the Vatican. In 2013, Benedict became …

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Vatican stalls on married Catholic priests

Vatican City, Holy See | AFP | A bid by Belgium bishops to allow young married men to take the cloth has fallen flat at a Vatican meet — though Pope Francis is considering testing out the idea in the Amazon. The suggestion of easing the rules on celibacy was …

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The celibacy doctrine

By Bob Kasango Fundamentalist attacks on priestly celibacy come in a number of different forms – not all compatible with one another. There is almost no other subject about which so many different confusions exist. The first and most basic confusion is thinking of priestly celibacy as a dogma or …

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