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Staying Alive 4: On Safari  

UCI AT 50: The Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) that started on August 8, 1967 is celebrating 50 years. One of the activities in the month-long celebrations is a launch of a book this week – STAYING ALIVE  – that documents the journey of Uganda Cancer Institute from 1967-2017. This blog post, from HIPUganda, is one in a series that has five excerpts.

Kampala, Uganda | HIPUGANDA | Dr. Ziegler’s collection slide collection concerning the Uganda Cancer Institute includes pictures that seem to be out of place. On first sight it looks as though they were made by tourists visiting Uganda for its national parks rather than by medical staff working with a groundbreaking research institute.

In this post Marissa Mika shares an excerpt from the book she is currently writing about the history of the Uganda Cancer Institute. Her words form a stark contrast with the richness of Uganda’s natural beauty. But these realities existed, and in slightly other versions still exist, alongside each other even though they may not often be framed together and therefore seem to be part of different worlds.

… we know better…

All the photographs with black frames in this blog post are scans of slides made around 1970.

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