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Uganda launches new HIV and AIDS treatment guidelines

Uganda’s Minister of State for Health Sarah Opendi has launched new HIV and AIDS treatment guidelines. In the new guidelines, anyone infected with HIV should begin antiretroviral treatment soon after diagnosis. All HIV-infected individuals will now be eligible for antiretroviral treatment regardless of disease stage or CD-4 cell count. The …

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UK experts give green light to ‘three-parent babies’

London, United Kingdom | AFP | British scientists on Wednesday approved the use of so-called “three-parent baby” fertility treatments, paving the way for the country to become the first in the world to officially introduce the procedures. An independent panel of experts tasked with reviewing the safety of mitochondrial gene …

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HIV toll tops one million in Russia and keeps climbing

Moscow, Russia | AFP |  Russia’s HIV infection rate is growing 10 percent a year and over one million Russian have been diagnosed with the disease in nearly three decades, the country’s top AIDS expert said Tuesday. The number of registered cases reached 1,087,339 on September 30, Vadim Pokrovsky, head …

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South Africa launches major new trial of AIDS vaccine

Johannesburg, South Africa | AFP | South Africa on Wednesday begins a major clinical trial of an experimental vaccine against the AIDS virus, which scientists hope could be the “final nail in the coffin” for the disease. More than 30 years of efforts to develop an effective vaccine for HIV …

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Almost half of HIV infections worldwide undetected

Geneva, Switzerland | AFP | The World Health Organization warned on Tuesday that nearly half of all people with HIV around the globe do not know they are infected, and called for broader access to at-home testing kits. The UN health agency said that 40 percent of people with the …

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Don’t sleep on it: going to bed mad makes it worse

Paris, France | AFP | A good night’s sleep may reinforce negative memories in the brain, researchers said on Tuesday, lending scientific credence to the time-worn caution against going to bed angry. Slipping into slumber while holding on to a freshly-formed bad memory engraves it in the brain, making it …

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Sweden slaughters 200,000 hens on bird flu fears

Stockholm, Sweden | AFP | Sweden on Friday said 200,000 chickens were being slaughtered at a farm where bird flu has been detected, following a resurgence in the virus across Europe. Traces of the H5N8 virus were found at the Aniagra farm in Morarp, southwest Sweden, on Thursday. The discovery …

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Tracksuited Thai junta chief leads workout for bureaucrats

Bangkok, Thailand | AFP |  He’s a mercurial army general known for penning saccharine ballads and angry tirades against his critics. Now Thailand’s junta chief has launched a new eye-catching project: trimming the waistlines of the kingdom’s civil servants. Former army chief turned Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha ditched his fatigues …

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