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Rwanda: Nyamasheke; district where girls pay dowry

Violation of cultural norms

Officials charged with promotion of culture in the country say that the government cannot allow anypracticeswhich do not respect the norms and values of all Rwandans.

Jacques Nzabonimpa, the Director of Culture atthe Rwanda Academy of Language and Culture (RALC),says those paying dowry to men’s family have “lost sense of Rwandan values” and must be stopped.

“This is unimaginable! How can a girl toil to get money to pay for a go-between first and, then pay her future husband?” wonderedNzabonimpa.

“This is foolish and violation of our cultural norms. Parents are supposed to raise their children as good and responsiblecitizens,who respect our norms,” says Nzabonimpa.

He adds that Rwanda takes marriage as a symbol of love between a man and a woman, not because of money or properties one may own.

“If a man marries someone’s daughter because he has been paid some money, that family cannot live together peacefully; it will be full of quarreling and conflict because theirmarriage was not built on love,”says the official.

Way forward

RALC and partner institutions like the Ministry of Sports and Culture, Rwanda National Police, Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion, the Ministry of Local Government,as well as non-government organisations,have startedsensitisingRwandans aboutthe country’s culture andvalues,starting fromschools so as to find a lasting solution to the growing practice.

“We have combined efforts in terminatingsuch problemsand related malpractices by publishing a book titled,‘Indangagaciroremezoz’Abanyarwanda’ (loosely translated as ‘Rwandan Basic Values’.The book contains everything about our culture, and what to respect for sustaining our dignity,” says Nzabonimpa.

He warned men who target money and properties through marriages that if they will harass their wives,they would face full force of the law against gender-based violence.

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