Tuesday , February 20 2018
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Rwabwogo, State House aide clash over Museveni

President Museveni’s son in law, Odrek Rwabwogo and President Museveni’s aide on political affairs David Mafabi are involved in an argument over strongmen and their role in national development.

Rwabwogo wrote a missive in one of the dailies titled “Are Strongmen a hindrance or facilitator to institutional growth, successful political transition?” which was widely interpreted by many in NRM as an attack on the president over his long stay in power.

Rwabwogo said that strong men consolidate their power by giving out jobs and handouts to win support and thus stifling institutional growth.

Mafabi responded saying there is enough internal democracy in NRM adding that Rwabwogo is contributing to ideological confusion. The first son in law responded saying he was glad that his writings were generating debate from people who would otherwise be silent about the ideology of the Movement.



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