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Reformed Anglican church passes UGX 250M budget to consecrate Rev. Okunya

Rev Charles Okunya Oode. URN photo

Kumi, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Reformed Anglican Church has set a budget of Shillings 254million for the consecration and enthronement of Rev. Charles Okunya Oode as the first Bishop of the Upper Nile Diocese. Rev. Okunya, formerly a member of the Anglican Kumi Diocese joined the reformed church where he was named Bishop early this month.

The church has set June 26th, 2022 as the date for his consecration and enthronement in Kumi municipality. Accordingly, the organizing committee has planned Shillings 200M for the Bishop’s vehicle and Shillings 43M for his official robes among others.

Daniel Odongo, the chairperson of the finance and budgeting committee, says that they expect to raise the money from Christians and well-wishers of the new faith in the Upper Nile Diocese.

Jenifer Odongo, the treasurer of the organizing committee, says that she has so far received Shillings one million from church members. Odongo says that there is a big gap that requires concerted efforts to enable the consecration to succeed.

Daniel Omutia, a member of St. Luke’s Reformed Anglican Church, says that much as they are willing to fund the budget, they need a hand from the government and other stakeholders to see their dream come true.

Rtd. Col. Joseph Onange, the organizing committee chairperson and one of the brains behind Okunya’s conversion, says that the consecration ceremony is expected to attract at least eight bishops from other countries such as the USA, Japan, South Africa, Sudan, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.




  1. The Church of Uganda is undergoing a revival,and I’m glad we’ll definately one day know that the love for material things will degrade the Church.
    Too bad the Church of Uganda leaders are money minded,deep down in my heart I pray and wish My Lord Bishop The Very Rt. Rev. Dr. Henry Luke Orombi was our Arch Bishop UpTo now,coz eeeh…..He’s been the most peaceful and real Arch Bishop,fearless,never bribed,stands on the truth,with the truth,for the truth,with the people,for the people…..Kumi Church of Uganda Anglican diocese has been killed by the love of money,and much more………imagine the Arch Bishop saying he’s the final man,and is being fed with false Information!!!
    Surely alot is in my heart,but it will take Kumi diocese to resurrect,instead The Reformed Anglican Church is gonna shine and the eyes of the Christians are now open.
    Rev. Okunya is The Martin Luther king of Kumi Diocese.

  2. why are the followers of Rev; okunya oode, beating and harashing other believers which are on the other side of church of Uganda if you are truly faithful Christians. you have gone to reformed Anglican church settle there with peace no matter. we who have remained on church of Uganda side we shall remain strong and God is going to do wonders just matter of time. even if some group clergy has gone with Rev:Okunya. God is going replace them. so brother we are not worshiping BP OKWII ESAKAN MICHEAL but we are serving God. The most fundamental foundation of a Christian life is to enter heaven. leave the Anglican church alone go your new church. why are you making noise. you can shine on this world but in heaven will be opposite.


      The Bible is very clear. Everything has it’s time. If okunya is God’s chosen God will lead his way. Then those using state power God is on the platform receiving all. His judgement is final. So let’s not insult any body let God do his will

  3. Prays God ,why do we want to confused our self’s about Anglican church ,As c/u was formed as a result of revivals from Buganda agreement by kabaka muteesa 1 who called Anglican church as church of Uganda but the reality is Anglican is c/U followers of God why do we want others to confused us by real Christians who Satan has taken there life’s to confuse others please ?Let’s pray for Anglican church which Satan has taken real people who know GOD and Jesus as their savior ,God’s word to confuse followers of God for money .”OKWE EYUNAK ENYESI AMUNARI AKIROT ALO ASUBAN ANU APESAN”

  4. God have mercy!
    People struggling for power!

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