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Presidential convoy knocks boda boda, three in hospital

Video screenshot of the scene today

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The presidential motorcade has today knocked and injured three people on a Bodaboda along the Northern Bypass.

Senior Superintendent of Police –SSP Rogers Nsereko Kawuma, the Kampala Metropolitan traffic police commander said the convoy knocked the bodaboda rider and his passengers at around 11am at a Masanafu, which is between Busega and Namungoona.

Kawuma explained that all the passengers and the rider on the Bodaboda were evacuated to hospital but with serious injuries. “No one died, the passengers are still alive but with serious injuries and the president wasn’t in the convoy; it was an empty convoy,” Kawuma said.

A video clip that has made rounds on social shows three people on the tarmac crying for help while one of the victims was motionless. A woman is heard in the video saying that the victims had been knocked by the President’s mobile “toilet”.

“The president’s convoy has knocked people at the Northern Bypass. The toilet driver is the one who knocked them. The other vehicles had passed but the ‘toilet’ driver has knocked these people. The toilet driver has knocked these people…,” a woman is heard repeatedly saying in Luganda in a shaky voice.

In the video, soldiers dressed in Special Forces Command- SFC and Presidential Protection Unit –PPU are scene checking on the victims scattered on the tarmac. SFC Spokesperson, Maj Jimmy Omara, said a statement was being prepared over the same.

The President is guaranteed right of way and road users are at all times advised to give way to his convoy. However, sometimes boda boda riders and drivers tend to miscalculate the distance remaining for the convoy to pass and they end up getting knocked.

Not only people have antagonized the President’s motorcade but animals too. In 2020, Museveni compensated a man after his goat was knocked at Bweyogerere. The owner was paid 800,000 shillings.




  1. Did the boda boda rider give way to the presidential convey?

  2. Did the boda boda rider give way to the presidential convoy?

  3. It’s true that the president has access to wide road travelling
    The citizens know it very well but let us also be humans ” ONCE LIFE IS LOST IS NOT AGAIN BACK”
    My humble request to the president is to allow these people to be compensated for their lives back maybe some of them have families to take care of.
    And we the citizens need to begin respecting the leaders because one day is going to be your child becoming the president,minister, MP and so on. Let us show relevance to them before leadership comes to us.

  4. We all respect the Fountain Of Honour; the problem is the way we understand; while moving to Enebbe using the Express High way, an experienced driver told me, ” that is an advance vehicle for the Convoy so we have to stop” We waited, several vehicles passed by, after some time another set of vehicles passed by, before we resumed the journey.

    I however recall being alerted to stop and pack near Mulago Petrol station by on lookers because the Convoy was approaching

    The question is: does every body know how to behave towards the Convoy? and or is the behaviour of the Convoy consistent?

    Please forgive my ignorance

    On the part of some disadvantaged Ugandans, their actions are informed by exposure, on several occasions one discovers that they do not intend to break the law. However they went through the formative stages in environments where(dos and donts) were lacking

    Please take an effort to educate the population, the behaviour has evolved under varied factors.

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