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Presidential candidate runs out of fuel, cuts campaign short

Independent Presidential Candidate Willy Mayambala campaining in Gomba, he failed to reach Sembabule on Thursday as per his plans

Sembabule, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | Independent Presidential Candidate Willy Mayambala failed to complete his campaign trail in the districts of Gomba, Mpigi and Sembabule on Thursday, after his vehicle run out of fuel.

Mayambala who was driving a Toyota Spacio only held open-campaign meetings in Kiriri, Kanoni and Kabulasoke trading centres in Gomba district, and had two stopovers in the trading centres of Mpigi district, where he addressed the electorate using a megaphone.  

Jamaal Kareem, the Media Coordinator of Mayambala’s campaign team said that they failed to complete their campaign trip because they did not have enough fuel to complete the journey. “We have done what was affordable within the means that were available to us. We don’t have fuel to continue up to Sembabule, ”Kareem said. 

But Kareem said that they were devising means to ensure that their campaign message spreads to the districts they did not cover. However, several voters in Sembabule Town council, the main entrance routes into Sembabule district from Gomba said they were not aware of Mayambala’s campaign program in the area. 

Muzafaru Mugerwa and Godfrey Muwanguzi, both Boda Boda riders in Sembabule town council indicated that they did not expect any presidential candidate in their area because there was mobilization.

Octavia Namatovu and Lydia Naluwaga, who operate retail shops in Sembabule main Taxi Park, also noted they were not informed that Mayambala would be campaigning in the area.   

Namatovu, however, argues that it is so disappointing for a presidential aspirant to fail to meet the cost of fuel for their campaign tour. He added that it will be so hard for such candidates to convince electorates to vote for them.  

These also indicated that they are undecided on whether to support Mayambala’s bid because they have not heard from her manifesto.

Mayambala also failed to show up for the campaign in Wakiso district on Wednesday after he failed to get a vehicle to transport him to the campaign venues. The candidates have so far utilized four out of the 65 campaign days the Electoral Commission reserved for campaigns.




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