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Politicians told to emulate Pope

By Aloysious Kasoma

Opposition Uganda People’s Congress and Democratic Party have called on leaders to emulate the courage of the Pope to resign where it is necessary.

While addressing Journalists in separate press conferences in Kampala on Tuesday and Wednesday, DP’s Kenneth Kakande said that it is good to resign if one feels he cannot deliver anymore.

“It is a lesson to our leaders and it will be shocking if they don’t pick anything from the Pope’s resignation” he said.

Kakande used the press conference to attack president Museveni referring the message to him.

“We respect the old but if you look at age, it is against him, if you look at Museveni of 27 years ago age is against him hope that he has read the statement” he added.

Prof Joseph Bossa the UPC Vice President said that the leaders keep saying that they want to fix things before they leave.

“Our leaders say I need time to organize the army, oil among others. Do your part and leave the rest to the country” he said.

Bossa added that when systems are in place the departure does not matter.

“If they were good systems like in church, the work of the church or the leader does not affect the institution” he said.

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