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Police arrest two for selling fake Covid-19 results

FILE PHOTO: Police spokesperson Fred Enanga confirmed report.

Malaba, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Police in Malaba border town are holding two people for allegedly selling fake Covid-19 results.

Speaking at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala, police spokesperson Fred Enanga said the suspects include a Ugandan and Kenyan national.

They were arrested on a tip off from the Health Ministry. The suspects operate between Malaba Kenya port health and Malaba Uganda port health facilities.

Enanga added that the information they have is that they forged certificates and sold them for Kenyan Shillings 2000-3000 [about UGX 100,000].

‘”They were printed in Kenya by Collin Epusi, an IT specialist and we are therefore working with our counterparts on the Kenyan side to see that he is arrested and his racket,” Enanga said.

In the past, truck drivers from Kenya and Tanzania have protested the testing protocols implemented by Uganda for anybody who wants to enter the country. Previously, truck drivers would be allowed into Uganda pending the release of their Covid-19 test results.

Those who would be found positive would be intercepted and taken to hospitals for treatment. However, the new protocols require that for a driver to be allowed entry in Uganda, they must have a certificate showing that they have tested negative from the country of origin.

Then they are also subjected to another test which must also be negative for them to continue into Uganda. This has caused commotion along the borders with last week, traffic jam of trucks at Busia border on the Kenyan side running to more than 25 kilometers.

Drivers from both Kenya and Tanzania have also in the past doubted the testing regime of Uganda. They claimed that they test negative in their own countries only to test positive in Uganda or the reverse where they test positive in Uganda and then test negative in their countries.



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