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PHOTOGRAPHS: Netanyahu in Uganda

Neta 12
Netanyahu makes his speech in Entebbe on Monday July 4, 2016. ALL PHOTOS PPU

PHOTOGRAPHS: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commemorated the 40th anniversary Monday of the Uganda hostage rescue in which his brother died, as he started a “historic” tour seeking new trade partners in Africa. After the commemorating at Entebbe, a regional summit on security was held with leaders from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Zambia, Rwanda and Kigali.

“Exactly 40 years ago Israeli soldiers carried out the historic mission in Entebbe,” said Netanyahu, making the first trip by an Israeli premier to sub-Saharan Africa for decades.

“Forty years ago they landed in the dead of night in a country led by a brutal dictator who gave refuge to terrorists, today we landed in broad daylight to be welcomed by a president who fights terrorism.”


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