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PHOTOGRAPHS: Janet Museveni vetted by Parliament

PHOTOGRAPHS: Uganda Parliament’s Appointments Committee has started vetting the presidential nominees for ministerial appointments. Seventeen ministerial appointees, including First Lady Janet Museveni were vetted. (ALL PHOTOS @Parliament_UG )

Vetting Janet 1
Education Minister designate Janet Museveni and 16 others were vetted today by Parliament.

Vetting sempija 2 Vetting sempija Vetting Jeje Vetting Kyambadde Vetting Muruli Vetting Kivejinja Vetting janet 4 Vetting Janet 3




TUESDAY midday

Uganda Parliament’s Appointments Committee starts vetting the presidential nominees for ministerial appointments today.

The day in parliament however started earlier, with the approval of Ruhakana Rugunda as Prime Minister this morning. The House voted 262 for, 3 against and 4 abstentions.

Vetting of ministers designate is scheduled to start at 2pm, with several long-serving ministers appearing on day one.

The Committee is mandated to approve on behalf of Parliament, the appointment of persons nominated for appointment by the President under the Constitution or any other appointment required to be approved by Parliament under any law.

The Committee also deals with any question which arises under clause (4) of Article 113 of the Constitution as to whether or not any office is an office of profit or emolument, the holding of which is likely to compromise the office of a Minister or a public officer. Meetings of the Committee are convened by the Speaker and in his or her absence, by the Deputy Speaker.

First in at 2pm will be Gen Mose Ali, being vetted to take charge as 1st Deputy Prime Minister. Others include First Lady Janet Museveni, for Ministry of Education and new ministers Jane Aceng of Health and Ntege Azuba for Works.

The Attorney General designate William Byaruhanga will also appear today.

Ministers list 1

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