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Parliament asked to demand a briefing on gun attacks

By Aloysious Kasoma

Opposition Democratic Party leader, Norbert Mao has called upon Parliament, to demand for a formal explanation from the government on the reported gun attacks on security organs in Kampala.

Mao said that the attacks could be a political problem which requires a political solution with a national dialogue.

“Government should not dismiss theses small attacks, the attacks could be a political problem and the answer is a national dialogue not a regulation,” he said during the press conference in Kampala.

The DP president said that the attacks indicate that the society has become militarized and Ugandans don’t believe that there can be a change of power.

He added that Kulayigye has tried to manipulate the media, but the attacks are either orchestrated by the security agents to flame the opposition politicians or soldiers on a shooting spree.

“We have got reports that returnees from Somalia could be behind this after half of their money was eaten by the generals,” he said.

Mao predicted that there will be more of such attacks in the country if the government doesn’t look into the situation and doesn’t listen to the legitimate voice of the people.

“The government should not dismiss these small attacks, am not a prophet of doom, and am not part of it but not every Ugandan is  aspatient as we are,” Mao added.

This comes after separate incidents of a gunman shooting dead 11 people, including five soldiers in Bombo Wakiso District , the Mbuya barracks incident and a Police Post raid in Entebbe.

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