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One Health for Uganda

By Sarah Namulondo

One health an international health memorandum of understanding that was signed in Bangkok, Thailand is set to start in Uganda.

The conference which is set to be launched by the President of Uganda on Feb 14 focuses on disease eradication and what it would take.

The conference will discuss the themes of surveillance and diagnostics, response to disease threats, prevention and control, communication and policy, the environment and disease and social and economic dimensions.

Dr Margaret Mungherera the president of the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) said that they are not facing any global pressure to hold a conference of its kind in Uganda but it is because of the zoonotic disease recurrence happening in Uganda.

She added that with this memorandum of understanding, the government will be able to save more money on disease eradication because disease it will be handled at animal level, human level, and environmental level.

Lawrence Mugisha the secretary of the veterinary association said this partnership is aimed at immunizing, joint researching and prescription of treatment for zoonotic diseases from a more informed position than it was before.

Dr. Nathan Mugisha from UMA also added that due to the climatic change and the ever increasing population forest encroachment and swamp encroachment are also key factors in increasing these zoonotic outbreaks.

At the conference the Uganda Veterinary Association and UMA are set to sign a memorandum of understanding to seal this global call.

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