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NSSF Amendment bill passed, sent to President

📌 NSSF amendment bill highlights
✳ To EXPAND social security coverage by providing for mandatory contribution of all workers regardless of the size of the enterprise or number of employees and also allowing voluntary contributions to the Fund
✳ To provide for midterm access to VOLUNTARY contributions
✳ To empower board to introduce NEW benefits in
consultation with the Minister
✳ To provide for the deference of TAXES on contributions & scheme income to the time of payment of benefits

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Uganda’s Parliament has today considered and passed the National Social Security Fund (Amendment) Bill, 2019 – with amendments – at a 3rd reading. The bill now moves for presidential assent before it becomes a law.

Workers MP Sam Lyomoki, who has been pushing for the amendments, thanked Parliament for passing the bill. He equally apologized for what he called his un-parliamentary conduct late last year, as Parliament in his view was delaying to pass the Bill.

He for several days slept in parliament in protest at delays in passing the bill.


The Uganda National Social Security Fund Amendment Bill 2019 by jadwongscribd on Scribd



  1. I have perused the NSSF midterm access proposed with kin interest, and noted that some segments of parties who have been equally hit hard by the COVID-19 crises have not catered for in this bill! For example, you have segments of people who have acquired loans (business, personal, etc), have been also out employment for past 10 years and are struggling to pay their loans due to the fact that they are financially distressed. Is there a way how such people can be included?

  2. When is the process of withdrawing the Money starts and what are we supposed to follow?

  3. This is a big relief. Push for more similar bills

  4. Dear Hon: Opolot Isiagi Patrick,
    Thanks for the work your doing for the people of Kachumbala, Teso and Uganda at large, however, I was hurt and sad when I had through the media that during the interface between the parliamentary budget committee which you are vice chairperson and the Uganda Retirement Benefits Regulatory Authority, you went a head and requested that the Director of that Authority to persuade the President not to assent to the law of NSSF Midterm access when a saver reaches 45 and the one that has saved for over 10 years to access 20 % of savings, am now asking why are you against it.
    Remember all of us in this world have people to take care of especially our families to have enough basic needs, good health care, good businesses and education etc, now the Covid-19 has rendered most of us jobless, we have lost our properties to banks and money lenders. even some of our spouses have run away from us because we cant provide as we used to do. And our only hope is that 20 % to cushion off financial stress, to begin life again, most of us our children are at home because we don’t have money for school fees, we have been chased away from rentals. The money belongs to us the savers not anyone, that means we have no voice or right to what belongs to us. I hope you are not one of the leaders who wants to govern poverty stricken communities that all the time have to beg from you the well to do.

    God save Uganda.

    Am a concerned NSSF SAVER from Ngora

  5. The people i wish to be dead now are Matia Kasaija And Museveni all because of nssf

  6. It is only in Uganda where the slogan is “everybody for himself but God for us all”. It is very hurtful, sarcastic to hear what the Minister of Finance and people around him saying they want to persuade the President so he declines assenting to the NSSF amendment bill. Those are government officials who have enjoyed everything on earth at the expense of us taxpayers. When We, through legal channels try to claim our savings, those same “gluttons” take it on to block us, really, really?????. Their children have gone to first-class schools, enjoy a high standard of living, courtesy of Uganda Government coffers, yet they enjoy seeing poor NSSSF savers emanciate due to hunger, inability to access medication. Shame upon you greedy Ugandandans. You only wait for savers to die, then help process claims for the deceased, as the poor saver, who toiled all their lifetime to earn a living & save some is lowered into their graves, yet they would have survived had they been allowed access to their 20% funds. Anyway, poetic justice awaits all those that are trying to actually “confuse” the President not to give assent to NSSF Amendment Bill Alas!. Our Almighty God is watching you as the masses are dying in agony.

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