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NRM denies secretly supporting Butaleja’s independent candidate

By Julius Odeke

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party has in strong terms denied supporting the Independent candidate, Betty Hamaba in the Butaleja’s by-elections that are slated for February 11.

The Director in charge of recruitment and mobilization in the NRM secretariat Hassan Galiwango in an interview with The Independent said that, “The NRM candidate Florence Nebanda is very strong and solid on the ground, so there is no need for NRM to support an independent candidate.”

He says NRM has only had one candidate whom they as a party are rallying behind and that is Florence Nebanda.  “We are only waiting for the day for her swearing in as an MP for Butaleja district,” Galiwango added.

He says everybody in the country knows very well that Butaleja is purely an NRM district, then why should we disrespect the trust and hope that people countrywide have in our party.

Galiwango’s remarks come amidst some information that has spread across the district that NRM is secretly pouring its weight on Hamba who is contesting for the seat as an independent candidate.  This comes after realizing that the race is between Hamba and Nebanda making it a tight race.

Information according to sources in Butaleja say if Nebanda and her party do not play their cards well then they will lose the ballot to Hamba.

A big contingent of NRM top guns have all positioned their barrels to Butaleja and have therefore pitched camp in the district mobilizing votes for their party candidate.

However, the Leader of Opposition Nathan Nandala Mafabi has also pitched camp in the district in a bid to rally massive support for his Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party’s candidate Felistus Namwihiri and were yesterday combing the sub counties of Budumba and Busabi.

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