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NRM calls for consensus in picking Local Council executives

FILE PHOTO: Tanga Odoi says consensus should be considered ahead of direct elections in picking an executive

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM political party has called upon its members at local councils to first consider consensus while choosing the party’s executive members before opting for elections.

In a letter seen by URN written to all NRM district election officers, the party Electoral Commission chairman Dr Tanga Odoi said voting should only be considered where consensus fails.

“As is the case with all internal party electoral processes, take note that you are in charge of these elections in your respective districts,” Tanga’s letter reads in part.” However, consensus should be encouraged and only in the event that it fails should you subject the process to a vote. Be reminded that the mode of voting is by lining up behind a candidate of one’s choice.”

In the multiparty dispensation that Uganda is current embracing, all political parties with representation at different levels of leadership are free to form caucuses where they agree on issues before they are debated by all members of a particular council.

At parliamentary level, the party has already chosen its leaders with Thomas Tayebwa as the government chief whip and effectively the NRM caucus chairperson. The local governments to fill executive members positions are districts, cities, municipalities, divisions and sub counties.

In the 2021 general elections, the NRM party swept majority seats at national and local governments across the country.

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