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Museveni tours famous Queen Elizabeth park

President Yoweri Museveni has concluded his week-long security assessment tour of the Rwenzori region with a visit to the world famous Queen Elizabeth National Park in western Uganda.

As part of the assessment tour, President Museveni took a boat cruise of the entire Kazinga channel where he viewed game park animals that included among others hippos, buffalos and crocodiles. He also viewed different species of birds.

He urged the people of Rwenzori region to maintain peace and security and to allow tourism to flourish for people to earn incomes.

He assured Ugandans and the world that the region is largely peaceful and the security is assured along all the mountain ranges as UPDF specialized mountain troops have been deployed.

Game warden Joshua Masereka and guide Christopher Naitala welcomed Museveni and expressed their gratitude for receiving a high profile guest at the park. He said the area is very peaceful and urged tourists to emulate President Museveni by visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Museveni also had a brief stopover at Kazinga fishing village where a huge crowd gathered to acknowledge his greetings.

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Operation Salama Rwenzori 5 nets 100 suspects

The President vowed to crush any trouble causers in the country adding that Uganda under NRM has a robust security system and whoever tries to play around with the prevailing peace will be dealt with decisively and promptly.

“Uganda under NRM is not like a garden without an owner. Uganda under NRM has a very strong security system. If you try to play you will be dealt with promptly,” he said, adding that the army is today capable of handling any criminal elements and that there is no way anybody can cause insecurity.

He said the government would not tolerate people who take the law in their hands because of politics or land issues.

The President’s remarks follow reports by the UPDF 2nd Division commander, Brig Peter Elwelu who said his forces are now in control on the ground and have since the inception of operation code-named “Usalama Rwenzori (Peace in Rwenzori),” five days ago, captured over 100 suspects.


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