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Museveni is hijacking Parliament-DP

By Aloysious Kasoma

Opposition Democratic Party has accused president Museveni of hijacking parliament whenever issues of accountability and corruption arise.

Democratic Party Deputy Spokesperson Kenneth Kakande said that the president is protecting corrupt officers which will lead to the country’s loss of billions from the donors.

“Museveni is also involved in corruption, he invited the Parliamentary Accounts Committee to divert them away from the issues” he said during the DP press conference in Kampala on Tuesday

Kakande said that the president twisted the arm of the law when he met PAC earlier and conceded that he was ill advised leading to the excuse of some other people.

“We condemn to the strongest term possible for the president to arm twist PAC and in that conduct Uganda is losing millions of dollars” he added.

He warned that Uganda is winning medals in corruption and the government is not willing to fight corruption.

Kakande lauded the activities of the Black Monday Activists on corruption and called other people to join them.

“We have to stand now or never, nobody will be left out of this scourge, the schools and infrastructure are decaying and the president is putting the blame on Obote” he said.

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