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Mulago doctors strike

By Sarah Namulondo

Mulago hospital intern doctors and nurses have gone on strike over delayed salary payment for last month of November.

Patients have been seated at the hospitals casualty in a bid to lure the doctors and nurses into giving up on the strike and look into treating them but their efforts have been futile since they are still seated there.

According to the hospital spokesperson, Enock Kusasira, the Ministry of Health permanent secretary said the doctor’s salaries would be delivered next week.

The same thing happened on Dec 3 when health workers at Kabale hospital started protesting against the government for its failure to pay their salaries for the months of August and October where 98 staff members missed out on their salaries.

Mulago hospital being a referral hospital has one the biggest numbers of causalities and sick people.

Where striking of doctors and nurses, increases the risk of infection and re-infection to the patients at the hospital which is already filled to capacity.

It is common knowledge that this year government workers have been striking.

Recently doctors in Mubende and Mbarara striked and government had no choice but to bring in interns to take care of the patients.

Teachers have also been known to strike over the crappy pay.

But with all that at stake it should be remembered that the budget reduced to 75% after donors pulled out of their obligation of providing aid to the country.

Now government is in deficit and trying its best to make ends meet and keep its workers happy.

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