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MUK students vow to continue striking

By Aloysious Kasoma

Makerere University students have vowed to continue striking if the government doesn’t look into the university conditions.

The students want the government to order the university to scrap off the 60% payment policy introduced by the university last month.

According to Kata Ivan the university Guild President, government has not paid the funds meant for student on government sponsorship and the university therefore it is pushing the burden on other private students by demanding for 60% payment.

“Government has not paid the tuition in the last three years and other pending issues like the capital venture fund which oversee the infrastructure development at the university” he told Independent on Tuesday.

Kata said that people have no money and if they don’t look into this, the students will continue to strike.

“We want fairness, some of us are private students but the university is discouraging us, we warn the government to act before Friday, we shall not allow this to happen” he said.

He said that he petitioned the parliament about the matter and they promised to look into the matter.

Makerere University came to a halt yesterday after students protested over a directive by the administration that all must pay 60 per cent of tuition by March 8.

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