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‘Muhoozi Project is an Illusion’-Maj Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba

Maj Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba has denied the existence of the Muhoozi project describing it as an illusion. “I am very happy in the military and in case I wanted to join politics, I know the procedures to go through,” he said.

“As you heard, I don’t have the ambition to be president. I am very happy being in the military and that is where I intend to stay for some time. It [Muhoozi Project] doesn’t exist, non-existent – that is a red herring. You have never heard of a message where I promote myself, it is always from the promotions board. That is the process in the military.”

In 2013, former cordinator of Intelligence services, Gen David Sejusa authored a dossier describing a hidden attempt to groom Muhoozi for the top position in Uganda. In the dossier, it was revealed that there were assasination attempts on various army generals opposed to the project.

It’s on this note that we ask; “Do you believe that President Museveni is trying to prepare Muhoozi to take over as President?” If Yes, does he deserve the promotions? 

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