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MTN to launch 4G technology

By Joan Akello

MTN has announced that it has started installing Long Term Evolution (LTE) network, a ‘standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminal’, known as 4G technology.

The network infrastructure upgrade plan will provide its customers with faster data access and speed of up to 100Mbps such as faster access to the internet and superior quality live streaming and video chatting.

Mr Rami Farah, the company’s chief technical officer, said the telecom’s continuous investment and introduction of supreme technologies seek to provide customers with the best user experience across the country.
MTN Uganda launched the first mobile money service in Uganda, introduced 3G+, expanded its distribution foot print, and enhanced the core, radio capacity and infrastructure technology.

Furthermore, it extended its fibre network by laying optical fibre and built regional switching centres in the North, East, West and Central regions.

“MTN remains committed to the development of the ICT sector and the Ugandan economy. LTE becomes the new standard determining the level of technology development and offering substantially faster data speed than other technologies” says Mazen Mroué, MTN Uganda chief executive officer.

The company plans to invest US$ 70 million this year added to another US$ 80 million spent in 2012.

This launch will make MTN the first telecom to use such technology in East Africa. However, last year, Smiles Telecom tested 4G technology services in Kampala after acquiring a license from Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) allowing it to trade in this technology.

The two telecoms have set the tempo; it remains on the part of their competitors to be more innovative and creative to woo customers.

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