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MPs call for forensic audit of Gulu University

FILE PHOTO: Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT  | The Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) – Central Government has demanded a forensic audit of Gulu University. The MPs fault the University for operating without a master plan and proper financial management procedures.

Their queries arise from an audit of the University conducted by the Auditor General.

The AG’s report of 2018 indicates that the University failed to fully implement planned activities like; drawing a master plan and business plan for the seven pieces of land.

Other key findings indicate failure to rehabilitate the Dean of students Block, Academic Registrar’s Block and Planning Block.

Further findings reveal that of the approved budget of 39 billion shillings, the University received up to over 40.6 billion shillings, beyond what it had budgeted.

Also, five billion shillings domestic arrears relating to allowances; employee costs, goods and services were not disclosed in the entity’s final financial statement.

The findings annoyed the MPs led by Polly Philip Okin Ojara, the Committee Deputy Chairperson who visited the university on Wednesday.

Kwania County MP Tony Ayo demanded to know why the University continues to use an obsolete master plan developed in June 2002, 17 years ago despite the huge funding from the Government.

Several university officials who include; Asaf Adebua, the Accounting Officer, also the Acting University Secretary, Jerry Bagaya, Academic Registrar, Christopher Obalim Deputy University Secretary, Emmanuel Wesonga, the University Planner, were were questioned at the University Council Hall.

The MPs also grilled Bernard Allana, the Assistant University Bursar for causing financial loss of 48 million shillings.  The money was for paying arrears in the Academic Registrar office.

Although Allana claims he refunded the money, the AG’s 2018 report reveals that only 15 million had been recovered and the amount was not reflected in the financial statements.

Stephen Mukitale Biraahwa, the Buliisa County MP, said despite the University teaching Public Administration and Management course, their impression is very disappointing after 17 years of existence.

Okin, says that the University is being mismanaged and requires an urgent forensic audit to clean up the mess and restore sanity.

The committee is on a countrywide on-spot value for money assessment of hospitals; Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions of Learning.




  1. I detest that after 17 years of existence, Gulu University has become a tribal University. In other words, as a government university, it does no reflect a national character. When an institution is run on all Ugandans taxpayers money: from top administration to the lowest rank/support staff, the staff/employees must reflect a national character.

    Otherwise unprofessional and unethical practices like: nepotism, tribalism (inbreeding) cronyism, favoritism and unchecked corruption as hereabove, become the order of the day.

    In the 80’s Makerere University administration was e.g., cheekily referred to as composed of “Masaka Clique”.

  2. Gulu University started with Prof Penmogi an Acholi, and he current one is still an Acholi as VC.

    And it Seems the Muni University in Arua District was unfortunately initiated and being administered along the same tribal format and sentiment; with Prof. Dranzoa from West Nile as th first VC. The Soroti/Teso university was also started along tribal cleavage; with Prof Ekoja as the VC.

    At least Mbarara University 1st VC was not a Munyankole. Less it would been demonized as a sectarian, Banyankole based university. Otherwise, either by design to divide and rule; the current proliferation of sectarian and/or tribal based public institutions, are destroying Uganda’s national character cohesiveness. So that every district or tribe are beginning to ask for a useless university in order for their people to also get the coveted university jobs.

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