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Motor rally ace Desh Kananura acquitted of murder

The High Court has set free motor rally  driver Desh Kananaura, his brother Raymond Kananura and 3 other people who had been arrested in connection to the death of Panamera bar employee Badru Kateregga

The Kananuras together with Cyrus Maganda, Samuel Muzolewa and Jacob Onyango had been accused of beating Kateregga, a bar attendant to death, after an argument over a sh30,000 tip the deceased had received from a customer.

The rally driver owns the Panamera Bar at Naguru in Kampala where the offence is said to have been committed on the night of September 29, 2012.

However after evaluating evidence of 10 prosecution witnesses, presiding Judge Joseph Murangira ruled that in absence of incriminating evidence against all the  five accused persons, prosecution had failed to place any of them at the scene of crime.

The Judge also noted that prosecution failed to challenge accused persons defence that by the time Kateregga was attacked, they were out of the said bar, on top of failing to call vital witnesses under the guise that their lives were being threatened.

Much as Justice Murangira agreed with the prosecution that Kateregga’s death was unlawful, he still wondered about the actual place from where he was killed because the 12 police officers who were deployed to guard Panamera bar on the fateful night, reportedly left when everything was normal.

The Judge has now ordered a refund of acquitted persons’ bail money.

But DPP’s Public Relations Officer Jane Okuo Kajuga says they will appeal the court before a penal of 3 Justices of the Court of Appeal, over the poorly evaluated evidence.

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