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Mob batters three, kills one in failed cattle theft

The Kigezi region Police Spokesperson Elly Maate

Rukiga, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  A 23 year old resident of Rukiga district was last evening lynched by a mob and his two accomplices seriously injured after they were reportedly caught stealing cattle in the neighbouring Ntungamo district.

The deceased has been identified as Justus Turyareba, while the injured are Bosco Nkwasibwe and Erick Akanyijuka, all residents of Konyo cell Kashekye parish Kamwezi Sub County Rukiga district.

It is reported that yesterday, the trio was caught by locals from the neighbouring Sub County of Ngoma in Ntungamo district stealing cattle who beat them heavily, killing Turyareba and seriously injuring the other two. The two suspects with serious injuries are currently admitted at Kamwezi health centre IV for treatment.

The Kigezi region Police Spokesperson Elly Maate said that after the incident, the two survivors were forced to carry their fellow’s body back to Uganda Rwanda border of Kamwezi. After the beating and the long walk while carrying a corpse, the badly injured suspects were hospitalized.

He added that the case was later reported to Kamwezi Police Post by Charles Bendakabi a concerned resident of the area. Maate said that police visited the scene examined the body, had a sketch plan done and recorded the relevant statements were as inquiries into the matter continue



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  1. We call it community justice. Does not require DPP, your Lordship, CBR reference number, etc. It is instant and effective

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